A monochromatic focus on the finer details makes Agathe Toman a collaboration match.

Take a look into the method and drive of Agathe Toman, the young french illustrator, painter and visual artist based in Biarritz, South of France.


With her monochromatic, abstract work aligning with our aesthetic, we thought it a perfect reason to introduce you to the artist and her work.

Agathe’s world is mostly black and white, with a touch of gold emerging at times. Her dreamlike creations are made of black biro pen and acrylic paints. She spreads her imagination on many substrates including paper, canvas and walls.

Her art materialises the link between reality and the invisible which actually exists, and that she obviously strives to make you see. Connection, is therefore essential.Her art is not singular in its ownership. It belongs to the spectator, always unique, in between a production and an interpretation. The use of black and white is not trivial. It paves the way towards freedom of interpretation. Discovering the fundamentals of a specific emotion, which for Agathe, has no colour.

Her work is a synthesis of the inaudible to the invisible and from the invisible to the impalpable.